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Robodude goes boom! >:)

Robodude goes boom >:)#screenshotsaturday #gamemaker #gamedev — Pinqu! (@PinquNet) March 19, 2016

Tools: Create gifs for social media

Use animated gifs to show off the progress you have made on your #gamedev project. You can use either GifCam or LICEcap to capture your game’s footage. LICEcam comes with a handy countdown timer so you can get ready for… Continue Reading →

What? Where did he go!?! Boom!

What? Where did he go!?! Boom! #indiedev #gamedev #sceenshotsaturday — Pinqu! (@PinquNet) March 12, 2016

Tutorial: Getting started with GameMaker Language (GML) Part 1

Getting started with GameMaker Language GameMaker Language (or GML) is GameMakers unique own programming language and is very similar to other languages like for example Java. So if you have some experience in other languages it won’t be that hard… Continue Reading →

Lack of updates

Unfortunately like a lot websites, this one also lacks updates :'( If you wanna know what up? Just head over to Twitter! Click here dude!

Midnight (Ludum Dare 30)

Last weekend Ludum Dare edition 30 was held and after 48 hours this was the result produced by Pinqu: I love collecting treasure in the middle of the night Fireflies mark the spot But beware….

Space Bastards for Windows!

Space Bastards has been out for Android for some time now and it’s about time that this bastard gets a Windows release! So after making some adjustment the game now accepts keyboard input and is ready to be played on… Continue Reading →

Slow but steady progress for JJJ!!!

Slow but steady progress for Jump Jump Jump!!!

Jump Jump Jump!!!

Progress on Jump Jump Jump!!! (before Project Parachute).

Background music for Space Bastards

The latest version (1.0.14) of Space Bastards has just been uploaded to multiple locations, which can be found here. This new version features awesome background music done by Aaron Whitcroft (@AaronNoahide). Also the Space level has been renewed, see before… Continue Reading →

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