Space Bastards

Space Bastards for Windows!

Space Bastards has been out for Android for some time now and it’s about time that this bastard gets a Windows release! So after making some adjustment the game now accepts keyboard input and is ready to be played on a Windows PC and it’s still completely free! Please find the game at one of the links below:

Download @

Download @ Game Jolt

Download @ IndieDB

Gameplay controls:
[Left] or [Right] to walk and [space] to jump
Press [space] again to perform a double jump

Menu controls:
[alt] + [enter] switch between full screen and windowed mode
[esc] to pause while in a game
[up] or [down] to navigate through the menus
[z] change name and [enter] to finish
[x] to change level
[c] to change difficulty
Increase [+] and decrease [-] the music level in the option menu or the pause menu

Space Bastards is also available for Android!